Product name: Green Stripes Casual Knitted Shirt


Clothing Type: Knitted garment


·         Good for Skin Comfort

·         Our wool yarn is spun to a remarkably fine diameter that makes it extra fine and highly soft that doesn’t itch as the normal wool wear do.

·         Body-Heat Regulating

·         Our Wool shirts provide long-lasting comfort in warm, wet, and cold weather as they can regulate body temperature as per the environment.

·         Higher Breathability 

·         Wool is a natural fiber, which is also breathable that reduces sweating or any kind of suffocation.

·         Odor-Resistant

·         Unlike synthetic fibers, Wool naturally prevents bacteria and odor means no odor on several use.

·         Soft, shiny surface 

·         To make wool fabric superfine, create a tightly-knit though spun to make yarn, which feels soft, lightweight, and itch-free—then knitted turn into fabrics without any polymers or other finishes for a naturally soft and shiny surface.